Some day or the other, most of us have to make use of Self Storage Services for our neglected or useless items to Declutter our homes. But many times we shall have to face several types of scams associated with self storage services. Some of these have been identified and listed below for your convenience:

  • Hidden Charges

This is the most common scam most of the people experience. You might have a rented a unit at at an attractive price from man and van company, but when the payment time comes, out comes various legitimate yet hidden charges for things like lock, insurance, utility  charges, security, etc.

  • Unclean and Unsecured

It is quite natural for almost all self storage service providers to proclaim themselves as the safest and the cleanest in the area. It is not very late when you start noticing the following flaws:

  1. Rat Infestations ready to make holes in your sofas and couch
  2. Leaking roofs, damaging your furniture and old electronics
  3. Poor surveillance systems
  4. Unguarded entrances
  5. Poor security measures
  • Self-Storage ScamsInvolvement in Theft

Numerous times, there have been reported incidents of self storage service providers being involved in theft, either through negligence or directly. This is usually done with the help of a master key that all service providers have that allows them or anyone else to enter into your rented unit.

  • Hidden Terms and Conditions

Renting a self storage unit requires you to sign a contract. This is when the clever and the notorious operators include in conditions and terms relating to the responsibility of your items and payments and inflation rate adjustments that you are bound to default.

  • Selling of your Items

The most dreadful scam of all, is selling or auctioning away your stuff in case of defaults. In most cases, the above mentioned scam leads to this one when you sign a contract that allows them this right. In most cases, people are forced into default, thus leading to the auction or sale of their stuff. Sometimes the sale is made for peanuts while other times its sold for a fortune.